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"Africa's miracle oil"

Marula oil is indeed Africa's miracle oil. To feel the texture of the oil on your skin, and to understand the rich history of its cultural uses, is to appreciate the unique heritage of marula oil. Marula oil has remarkable qualities; it is rich in antioxidants and oleic acid , essential components for the maintenance of healthy skin. With its combination of high nutritional value and excellent stability, marula oil is an ideal and innovative choice for modern cosmetic formulas and as a carrier oil for aromatherapy.

For years, women in the rural areas of Africa have cracked the nut of the marula fruit to extract the precious kernels from which the oil is made. Traditional uses include putting baked nuts into foods as a spice, over meat as a natural preservative, and in using oil from the kernels to soften the skin.

Cracking the nuts, which is done by hand, is a process known as "decortication," is done by rural women after the harvesting of the marula fruit. The chambers of the nut are opened to reveal soft kernels. These kernels are then gathered into a pressing machine, where they are hand-pressed to make the magic of marula oil.

Marula Natural Products Pty Ltd oil manufacturing process is done through the use of labour intensive technology and filtration techniques, and no solvents are used in the process. This gives the oil a high purity, which is improved by light refining, making the oil more suitable for cosmetic application.

The oil is cold pressed, and it is an art to preserve the active ingredients of marula oil from the kernels.

According to Chris Houghton, Anglia Oils - Bulk Specialty Division in New Natural Oils and their Properties:

Marula oil is a new oil which meets the demand for a trendy, marketable, efficacious ingredient. As it is easily absorbed it can be used as a light body oil in Aromatherapy or as the focal point for a range of tropical moisturising lotions.

Marula Oil has exceptional oxidative stability, which makes it an ideal choice for a modern cosmetic formula. Its exceptional resistance to oxidative stability has long been part of its traditional uses. For further technical information, visit technical or view our references.

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Marula Essential Oil

Virgin marula oil is extracted from the fresh raw seeds in a natural pressing and filtration process. Marula oil contains beneficial properties, and makes an excellent combinant for skin care and cosmetics. The oil is naturally stable, contains anti-oxidants, vitamins E and C and compares favourably in studies with other ‘new’ oils such as hemp and palm oil.

A careful refining process without heat or solvents has been developed which ensures high quality of oil while retaining all beneficial properties.

Commercial brands incorporating a range of Marula essential oil based csometics include:

Wilde Products
Wilde is a range of 100% natural pure products made with marula essential oil. With marula’s unique restorative qualities, the products have a highly refined, unique feel, and are scented in four indigenous fragrances, baobab, bush lily, agapanthus and ..............

Essences of Africa
This is a successful range of body care products that combines the unique properties of Marula with the healing herbs of African potato, aloe ferox and rooibos.

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